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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Mary Rose Museum

The Mary Rose Museum Open!

        Greeting my dear friends it has been quite a while since we have a chat my deepest apologies the last few months have been pack full of action ranging from teenager education issues, seriously unbalanced humours leading to a very nasty ague (very very nasty) and of course lots of research and writing.  And did I say lots of research and writing?  Anyway it will be a few months until the next Red Ned stories are polished up and published along with a new Tudor period series starting with Wyatt’s Rebellion in 1553 against Queen Mary.  But first on to some very impressive news, today is the long awaited opening of the new museum to house the remains of Henry VIII’s magnificent warship the Mary Rose.
Since it was recovered in an extraordinary feat of maritime archaeology and salvage starting in 1968 the vessel has proved to be a treasure trove of Tudor period artefacts and culture.  Its discoveries have to a large extent revised our rather stuffy and incorrect opinions of the Tudors, proving that they were at the technological cutting edge of the Renaissance. The new museum has been a long time in the planning and construction and to my eye the design is an excellent example of form, function and style.  Its fits perfectly into the dock area by HMS Victory and the timber cladding and shape gives a reverential and respectful nod to the wooden walls of the Royal Navy, so well done the architects. 
I could rave on for hours about the various facets of the archaeology or the rich haul of unique items however I suspect I’d get carried away and we’d be here for days and in the end this would be thesis length. So instead I've trawled the internet to bring to you a collection of the best links and articles about the opening and the new display of restored and recovered objects. 
 Bon appetite!

I’d expected a better coverage from the BBC.

Wouldn’t load for me but it looks very tempting

I’d still expected a better coverage from the BBC.

This gem from the UK Telegraph is superb, rich in good quality shots and generous with information.

A very interesting article, about some unexpected discoveries regarding the Mary Rose ammunition.  The comments however are a little over the top and I feel display more surly ignorance than useful review of a ‘news article’.

A very detailed Wiki page on the history of the Mary Rose, its recover and the Museum

The Museum website

Sweden’s version of the Mary Rose –The Vasa, a warship of Gustavus Adolphus  

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