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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Cardinal's Angels Published on Amazon

Good day to my growing legion of devoted readers.  I have some excellent news, the latest Red Ned novel has been released on Amazon, The Cardinal’s Angels is now downloadable from Amazon US/Australia and Amazon UK.  So browse over have a look at the sample and read the continuing tales of the Red Ned’s involvement in the affairs of the court of Henry VIII. 
After the excellent reception from readers of historical mysteries to the previous Red Ned novels The Liberties of London and The Queen’s Oranges (especially in the UK) I’m am pleased to announce the release of the third story- The Cardinal’s Angels
In this novel we step back a little in time to see how Red Ned Bedwell, apprentice lawyer and aspiring rogue, fell into the dubious company of Meg Back, her amiable brother Rob and their aptly named retainer Gruesome Roger.  In a similar vein to the other stories, this latest offering blends humour, realistic portrayals of Tudor life and the deadly drama of the Royal Court as the affairs of the mighty spill over onto the commons of England.  
Download a sample from Amazon and bring a little bit of Tudor London into your life, after all good historical fiction needs you!

As the author of this splendid work I naturally think its pretty good, as does my superbly talented editor (Jocelyn), and I could burble on for pages on how this is the equal to PF Chisholm in wit and dry humour or has the sense of thrilling adventure of Rory Clements.  I could even say it that it surpasses the literary style of gasp…Barbara Cartland, the doyen of Pink Prose.  But I won’t, I will be strong and refrain from the tempting indulgence.  For it is up to you, the actual reader to make a valued judgement on this novel and leave a note to others on whether it was entertaining and amusing.  Please don’t leave it to a publicist or kind old aunt Flo keen to help out a beloved nephew.  Leave a review and help Indie writers.

Regards Greg

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